Tab Payments

Tab Payments

A better Dining Experience

Tab is a payments app for dining, providing a better & more personalized dining experience at your favourite restaurants.

See how Tab makes dining out even better.

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Simple as opening a tab

It’s really as easy as that, Tab was built from the ground up to create the best dining experience.

Check In

Choose your restaurant, open a new tab, order as usual. Tell your server you’re paying with Tab. That’s it.


Put your phone away. Dining with friends? They can join your tab for instant bill splitting.


Payment is easy, we’ll send you the receipt with your tip to your email. No need to pull out your phone or wallet.

The Experience

Put your phone away. Once you’ve checked into a restaurant, there’s no need to use the app. Enjoy the food, conversation and experience.


Enable Bluetooth to be notified when you’re dining at a restaurant that accepts Tab.


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